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Ligue grátis

“Cada homem é sempre alguém
Trazido á vida por bem
E que torna o mundo maior
É uma presença actuante
A mostrar a cada instante
Sua Qualidade e Valor

Junto á roda sentado
Pronto, desembaraçado
Aqui o barro trabalha
Na antiga arte de oleiro
Um artista de nível cimeiro
O Jovem Norberto Batalha

Mói a roda com ligeireza
Nas mãos tem a certeza
O que pensa não é em vão
Inventa novos modelos
De formato raro e belos
Um teste de prefeição

Realiza e vive optimista
Seu grande sonho de artista
Sente-se em caminho certo
Hoje vai para toda a parte
A obra da sua arte
Parabéns amigo Norberto.”

António Batalha 20/11/1998

Norberto Domingos Batalha was born on the third of January 1951 in Achada, municipality of Mafra. Son of farmers, initiates a very early search for the alternative to his parent’s life style. At 8 he starts to attend the nearest potteries learning bit by bit the art of these ancient artists. At the age of 14 he quits farming definitively boarding into the world of pottery. Due to the fact of such an early start of the learning process, he is, nowadays, a master of knowledge and experience in the art of pottery. Norberto Domingos Batalha is considered the real pottery master.

He has worked, and still does, in all kinds of pieces from utilitarian to decorative, knowing as few do, the entire process of the pottery, from the selection of the clay to the execution on the potter’s wheel, dryings and firings in the old wood ovens. Defender of a creative dynamic in the hand crafted methodology, allying the tradition and the respect for the manual process of performing the pieces all the artistic creativity essential to the valorisation of the handicraft. Norberto Domingos Batalha created a family size company that tries to promote the art of hand-crafted pottery, in this world that is every day more dependent of automatic devices not only in the production lines but also in our personal lives.

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