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The turning to decorative house ware

The problem now was that the characteristics of the handcrafted product that we produced was no longer sufficiently important, since clients were now choosing their goods considering only the price. After the analysis of this situation, the solution found was to bet on a different market target, where a handcrafted product would still be important and recognized positively by the consumers. This was exactly what Norberto Batalha thought, and as he thought well, he executed his plan even better, since the market that he was now targeting was a clearly growing decorative house ware market.

Thanks to the quality improvement of the Portuguese life style during the 90`s, this market was booming, generating a lot of new companies searching for new designs, shapes and decorations. This was doubtless the ideal market to bet on, since it was growing and we could keep distant from companies with strong mechanical production, because the new designs that we were betting on couldn’t be produced mechanically. This way all the “real potteries”, only dependent on themselves and on their own imagination, capacity and quality would have more or less success depending on their performance. We followed a politic that allowed the client to indicate is idealized piece, including the shape, size and design, keeping us in a constant evolution along with the most recent fashion.
More than ten years after its beginning, the company is now in a stability period, but with the years going by, new investments were needed to replace obsolete equipment. We acquired: a new gas oven, equipped with the most recent technology, fully autonomous and bigger (3 m3) than the old one; a small electrical oven for new experiences and high temperatures firing. As for the clay preparation we acquired a filter press, which granted our clay excellent quality, placing us along side the bigger companies, in terms of clay quality.   

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