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The company as a collective society

We were born in 1990 and, with all these investments and an increasingly direct integration in the company activities of Norberto Batalha’s oldest son, he decides to transform his single named company into a collective society, joining himself and his sons as members. Being a collective society, the benefits were bigger, and somehow he could truly involve his son in the company’s destiny adding a younger mind to the company’s philosophy and structure.
    This was the birth of Olaria Artesanal Norberto Batalha & Filhos, Lda with 5000€ of joint stock, keeping Norberto Batalha and Nuno Batalha as manager members of the recently created company.

Having recent technology and the needed skilled workforce the company now faces new challenges such as the start of the EURO circulation, which will bring a great opening to the international market.

Having the hand crafted work as a branded image, the company seeks now its expansion towards the international markets. Now with a younger mentality inside the company the challenges multiply, since there’s the need to refresh and reorganize the company, creating a younger and dynamical image, capable to explore emergent markets, opening the doors to the world.
The new strategy relies on a well-directed publicity exploring the “new” ways of communication that will lead us to new markets and clients. This way our offer will have to suit the demands of this new aimed market, making us more dynamic and stressing our competitive advantage.

As lovers of the art that we represent, it’s up to us to believe in a prosperous future, keeping ourselves optimistic and with an open mind, following a strategy which we consider well defined, and that will keep us connected to this millenary profession.

Deeply rooted in the past, the future shall smile at us all…

2022 Olaria Artesanal Norberto Batalha & Filhos, Lda

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